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  • Dha Islamabad is posh area to live in. A little away from Islamabad.
  • DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi reflects the ambitious vision of twin cities… a place built to equal the most exceptional cities in terms of infrastructure, design and urban planning. DHA offers residential, commercial and mixed use developed communities with a host of contemporary civic amenities to meet your aspirations and lifestyles. At the same time DHA Islamabad is also offering a unique and comprehensive value with a significant and credible hub for smart investments and businesses.

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA Islamabad) is a neighbourhood located within the Islamabad–Rawalpindi metropolitan area. The neighbourhood is divided into five parts and straddles the Punjab provincial border.The neighbourhood was primarily established for military personnel in 1992 by the Pakistan Armed Forces Welfare Department.

Defence I Oldest phase of Defence, located near Morgah.
Defence II Largest of all subdivisions, between Islamabad Expressway and N-5 National Highway. Home to the World Trade Center Islamabad.
Defence III Previously Bahria Garden City, located east of Bahria VIII.
Defence IV Ex DHA Phase 1 Ext. Located beyond DHA 1 and across Bahria Phase 8
Defence V located on Islamabad expressway
DHA Valley, Islamabad On hold, located adjacent to Defence II on Islamabad Expressway. Subject to a massive corruption scandal.[3]
DHA islamabad
DHA islamabad

DHA Phase 1 Islamabad

DHA Phase-1 was launched in May 1992 by the Defence Housing Authority. Defence I is located in Islamabad south east of Morgah and Attock Refinery, Rawalpindi. This subdivision on its southwest abuts Soan River. Spread over an area of approximately 1100 kanal, Phase 1 is
situated in the peaceful and scenic loop of Soan River close to the GT Road. The Phase is divided into 6 sectors, fully developed with all facilities
for your principal and leisure needs. Major facilities include the Avicenna Medical Centre, Roots School and the Defence Park.  DHA envisions to
provide a comfortable living experience to all its residents.

DHA Islamabad-Phase-I Map
DHA Islamabad-Phase-I Map

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

Located in Zone V of Islamabad near the Kahuta Triangle, with GT Road on its south end and Islamabad Highway on its North. The project was commenced in February 1994.

Nestled between Islamabad Expressway and GT Road, DHA Phase 2 is a bustling locality. Under the jurisdiction of CDA, prices in the locality
have drastically increased over the past few years. Residential plots of various sizes are available, with many families already settled. All living
amenities including security, electricity, gas and water are present in the area. With many houses already constructed, quality schools i.e. Roots
DHA, family parks, mosques and restaurants have sprung up. Residents can also benefit from the exquisite Jacaranda Club and well established
commercial areas.

DHA phase II comprising of approx 15,075 kanals. All the sectors are fully urbanized and now home to a number of families. This Phase exhibits peace, harmony, security, luxury and convenience.


DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Map
DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Map


DHA Phase 3 Islamabad

DHA Phase 3 is the project of Defence Housing Authority. The area is located at short distance from Grand Trunk Road alongside Bahria Town
Phase 8. It is under rapid development with many investors already investing here. Planned by the reliable DHA, provision of an array of modern facilities alongside necessary amenities within the vicinity are the prime focus of developer. As the development work is progressing the prices are expected to surge.

Located at the heart of enchanting Potohar Region, DHA Phase III promises elegant town planning with modernized residential and commercial areas set in a serene & secure environment. Development of this Phase has commenced since Dec 2016 with full swing and so far approx 3500 Kanal has been developed. Stretch your imagination to fill in your address at DHA Phase III. Its grand landscapes are a full delight and its proximity to major schools, hospitals, banks, shopping mall, restaurants and cineplexes maximizes your living joy.


DHA Phase 3 exists in two parts which are more than 5 kilometers apart from each other.

Original DHA 3 entrance exists 600 feet away from gate 3 of DHA phase 2, and across the DHA 2 on GT Road in the direction towards gate 2.

The Municipal Corporation Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. Rawat Rawalpindi (also called New Pindi Housing Society), which was originally started in 1980, was merged into DHAI Phase 3. This part of DHA 3 is located on main GT Road on the outskirts of Rawat after Kallar Syedan Road Chowk, and is on right hand while going to Lahore from Rawalpindi, opposite to Police Foundation Housing Society Rawat.

Map Of New Pindi Housing Society
Map Of New Pindi Housing Society



Phase 3 has now picked up great momentum. This phase is going to be flag ship project of DHAI in terms of its size, its location and its connection with RBP (Rawalpindi bypass). Its main entry is opposite World Trade Centre on GT road and it is being extended to RBP.

Zone 5 to 9 of Bahria Garden City has already become part of this phase. Garden City has been renamed as Oriental Garden by Bahria Town.

A rapid earth work is ongoing which indicates a desire of DHAI to complete initial sectors in about 18 to 24 months.

Phase 3 has bigger space in terms of return up to 50 to 55 % in next 3 to 4 years.


DHA has taken over Bahria Garden City (Zone 5 to 9). Now Garden City is called DHA III. This event was a surprise for many as the master plan by DHA for its phase 3 included Bahria Garden City (Serene City), older blocks of DHA phase 3 and surrounding area.


Hence, after this news broke out in the market, people started purchasing residential and commercial plots especially in Garden city as well as in older blocks of DHA Phase 3.


Now coming towards the South of twin-cities, at its south western and westerly direction lays a vast tract of land which is located in between M2 Motorway and GT road which starts from Rawat and ends at Tarnol/ Wah. This area is highly significant in socio-economic context due to the abundant road network and its close proximity to supporting infrastructure for CPEC. It’s location and linkage with CPEC (the Road to Future of Asia) has tremendous potential for growth (Southern Zone)

The South Zone will be the hub of economic activities in near future. A thorough analysis on SZ reveals that this zone will result in attracting investments with handsome returns because of the following major developments;

i. The approval of RBP (Rawalpindi bypass) commencing from Rawat, which connects the strategically planned DHAI Phase 3 and Phase 4, Bahria Phase 8,

ii. The RBP links the DHAI and Bahria with the New Islamabad Airport which will be the center of international trade plus M2 Motorway,

iii. Furthermore, SZ has the potential of expansion across the motorway which can further accommodate mega projects.

In addition to this a well planned construction of Rawalpindi Industrial Zone stretched over 125000 kanals of land along Rawat Chak Beli Khan Road is highly substantial as it links the motorway.

After analyzing the above developments in twin-cities it can be safely concluded that the SZ will be the Centre of Gravity of major national and international economic activities in near future. In fact, it has already exerted a population and economic pull which now is the center of attraction for developers and international investors.


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