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Contract for Malir Expressway has been officially signed

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The contract for Malir Expressway has been officially signed on Friday, 24th April 2020. The Malir Expressway will be constructed on 39 kilometers running from Korangi Qayumabad to Kathor superhighway Malir Expressway. Construction under this contract will begin in the coming 3 to 4 months. The company that has received the contract will complete the financial clause after which on ground construction will start. Malir Expressway will be constructed along the Malir Nadi and will be a two-way road, with each side having 3 lanes. This road will provide an alternate route to the citizens of Karachi for reaching the airport and superhighway. Sindh Government will undertake this project as a Public-private partnership. This road will not only be a source of economic activity in the adjacent Malir and Goth population but will also prove to be beneficial for the housing sector by providing easy and fast access to the city.


Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan in terms of the population of the country. Not only is the largest city with respect to population, but it is also considered to be the business hub for the country. With each passing day, the population is increasing. As per the last census, the population has crossed 14 million citizens’ mark. Therefore, with such a large population, the city’s infrastructure is unable to keep up. Due to this, there are always traffic jams. Apart from traffic issues, it has also become one of the most polluted cities in the world. For this reason, the Sindh government decided to construct the Malir Expressway. Companies that want to undertake this project were asked to submit their bids on July 31st, 2019.

Under the plan, the project will be completed in 2 phases. The details of both the phases are as under

Phase 1:

  • The need for the project
  • Options
  • Risk assessment
  • Finances needed
  • Structure of the transactions
  • Preparation of the RFPs
  • Approval of the transaction

Phase 2:

  • Assistance required for the process of proposals
  • Assistance provided for the evaluation of bids
  • Finalization of agreement

The Sindh Government has allocated a total of 39 Billion PKR for the completion of the project.

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