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There are various procedures to get the property transferred on legal heirs name after the death of property owner. The Procedure given in Urdu below to be adopted for Rural areas. For Urban areas, each society has its own procedure laid out on its website. Like CDA, DHA, Bahria have given the procedure on their websites.

Important Note

Before proceeding to initiate any process of transfer of property to legal heirs please first check the authority of the property allotment certificate. Go to that housing authority office and ask for the exact requirements of documents and from where to get those documents.


If the immovable property is located in the registered housing schemes i.e. Bahria or DHA then they have their own land record kept in their head office. Bring allotment letter, FRC(Family Registration Certificate from NADRA), and attested copy of legal heir certificate. They will transfer that property in a couple of days and will issue you a new allotment letter.

However, if the deceased property is located in the city areas whose record is not computerized then you need to visit the concerned Patwar circle and give him an attested copy. he will initiate a procedure that involves an application to tehsildar and then a recording of statements.

Those areas whose land record is computerized they can visit concerned Arazi record Center. Get a token wait for their turn. Give them an attested copy of the legal heirship certificate and record statements before ADLR.

Inheritance of property in Pakistan involves the automatic devolution of property rights to the legal heirs at the time of the owner’s death. So, let’s take a look at the key highlights of inheritance law governing the phenomena of change of ownership of properties in Pakistan.

In the light of the Transfer of Property Act and Islamic law, irrespective of secs, there is no concept of ‘Will’ as a result of which, all shares are distributed to legal heirs during the process of succession.

The distribution of shares depends on the closeness of devisee to the deceased person. For example, blood relations usually have the closest ties. It might not be possible for us to summarize on all of the scenarios regarding the distribution of shares here as this phenomenon has many angles and aspects varying from case to case.

Any property can be donated by the owner during their lifetime. They are free to give it to someone as a gift or charity to an individual, welfare trust, or humanitarian organization. Once the property is donated, no one will have the right to challenge such a decision even after the death of the donor.

Inheritance Certificate

The process of transfer of property in Pakistan after someone’s death is incomplete without an inheritance certificate, locally known as the wirasatnama. Once the legal heirs have been issued with inheritance certificates, only then, they will be allowed to transfer immovable property to their name.



What is Inheritance Certificate?

The inheritance certificate, or wirasatnama, is a certified and registered document issued by the civil court. It is one of the most crucial requisitions in the event of an individual’s death in order to transfer the rights of the properties under their ownership to someone else.

It is also a mandatory requirement of legal authorities as well as housing schemes to check if the legal heirs have an inheritance certificate or not to further continue with the process of contracts and legal agreements.

How can you Acquire an Inheritance Certificate?

The inheritance certificate is not only important for property transfer in Pakistan in someone else’s name, but it also plays a key role in establishing and safeguarding the heir’s property rights according to the Transfer of Property Act. To acquire a wirasatnama, there are certain documents that are required to be submitted to the civil court.

Let’s take a look at the list of those documents:

  • Deceased Person’s Death certificate
  • CNIC of the Deceased
  • CNICs of the Heirs
  • Public Advertisement and Issued Legal Notices
  • Statement of Heir(s)
  • One independent Witness
  • Mutation/Registry of Immovable Property

The process of acquiring the inheritance certificate involves a few simple steps. First of all, you need to take help from a professional lawyer who will prepare a written plaint mentioning every important detail about legal heir and the immovable property left behind by the deceased.

Around four hearing sessions are carried out in the civil court based on recording of evidence, statements and arguments of the heirs. These court sessions are mandatory for the complete satisfaction of the civil court only after which the inheritance certificate is issued to the legal heir.

*Note: After the issuance of the Wirasatnama, the heirs can also apply to get an original copy of the court’s official order. 




وراثتی انتقال کروانے کا طریقہ ۔

فوت ہونے والے یعنی متوفی کے وارثان میں سے کوئی بندہ متوفی کا ڈیتھ سرٹیفکیٹ یونین کونسل سے بنوائے گا۔

۔نادرا سے ایف آر سی سرٹیفکیٹ جاری کروانا ہو گا.

۔دو عدد بیان حلفی ایک وارثان میں کسی کا اور ایک متعلقہ گاؤں کے نمبردار کا بیان حلفی میں تمام زندہ وارثان کو ظاہر کرنا ہو گا.

۔خبریں / جنگ / ایکپسریس اخباروں میں ڈے کسی ایک میں اشتہار دینا ہو گا.

۔ ڈیتھ سرٹیفکیٹ ،ایف آر سی سرٹیفکیٹ ،بیان حلفی، اخبار اشتہار لے کر متعلقہ پٹواری کے پاس جانا ہو گا پٹواری آپ کے ایف آر سی سرٹیفکیٹ اور دیگر کاغذات کے مطابق شجرہ تیار کر دے گا۔

۔شجرہ تیار ہونے کے بعد جناب تحصیلدار کی عدالت میں پیش ہونا ہو گا جس میں تحصیلدار کے سامنے کم از کم وارثان میں سے ایک بندے کا حاضر ہونا ضروری ہے ساتھ نمبردار اور ایک پتی دار یعنی گواہ اس بات کی تصدیق کرے گا کہ یہ شجرہ بلکل ٹھیک ہے۔
شجرہ کی تصدیق کے بعد تحصیلدار صاحب فیصلہ لکھے گا جس میں شرعی حصص کے مطابق تمام وارثان کو شرعی حصہ دے گا اور اپنے دستخط کر دے گا.

۔ پٹواری شجرہ کے مطابق انتقال درج کر دے گا اور تحصیلدار صاحب کے نکالے ہوے حصص کے مطابق رقبہ تقسیم کر دے گا اور تحصیلدار اس انتقال کو منظور کر دے گا.

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