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Why to hire an architect when building a house.

Present Past and future- Architect
Present Past and future- Architect

Either you are becoming a first-time homeowner or professional builder choosing a good architect can be horrendous task. As many other new homeowners, you may also be feeling quite overwhelmed. You must research and interview with various architectural teams before ultimately deciding upon a team to work with.

An architect has the most appropriate training and experience to design, coordinate and manage your building project which may require equipment like the one on this additional reading.

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A common misconception in Pakistan is that when you hire an architect to design for you, his/her job ends once a design is provided to you or your contractor. Although this may be an option but architects in Pakistan offer a wide range of services for a project through concept to move-in. Therefore, to justify why you should invest in hiring an architect it is important that you are aware of the range of services that they offer.

Design and culture-Architect
Design and culture-Architect


Being a design professional, an architect is someone who has the training, vision, ability and expertise to turn your dream into reality.

An architect has the ability to take your aspirations and translate them into a form that you can visualize and is able to transform your needs and wishes into an architectural expression that also complies with building and city codes and more importantly gives to a contractor, like KV construction LLC, to build.

The Joy and satisfaction of getting what you want for a home is incomparable. Imagine the satisfaction of bringing your unique idea to life and knowing that your end product is nothing that you’ve ever seen before. Books and magazines may provide you with room arrangements that may work for you but they will seldom give you a combined design that fulfills all of your needs, desires and dreams for your project. An architect can create bespoke plans for you – be it giving you tiny house loft ideas or create the blueprint for a luxurious sprawling space that you have always been looking for! The exact dimensions, basement or no basement, proper elevations, the plan being mirrored or not, these are just a few areas where a specialist can assist you and provide you with something that you are looking for.

Right after the investment, one of the most compelling reasons to hire an architect is getting what you exactly want in return. It is quite common for homebuyers to get stuck in either of the two situations mentioned below:

The property/design that your desire is not available in the property market.

You are unable to address the complications that come with a design that is not practical for your piece of land

Nobody understands your family needs better than you, and a professional architect is a person who can not only provide you with practical and sound solutions for your requirements but also address the technical complications. Whether you want a home office, a modern kitchen with wine coolers, or a kids-friendly house, a professional architect will make sure that your house is designed precisely according to what works best, and is also safe.


Architects avoid design errors for Cost-effectiveness

Preparing highly detailed and accurate drawings significantly reduces design errors common in the plan or with inexperienced designers. As mentioned before architectural designers have design experience, so it’s a good idea to let them handle the design process because that’s what they are trained to do.

An architect helps save you time and money. A well-designed and sustainable building is more efficient and will have lower maintenance costs. This means optimizing the amount of natural light and heating from the sun and in turn makes you save on electric bills over time.

This alone will also add value to your building. A skilled architect can help you to avoid trouble spots and advise about how to keep costs down.

The Challenge of Construction Coordination.

Getting to coordinate with different teams of people from different fields to do a job on “one” project can be very challenging. Furthermore, you may not be able to decode the design and specifications laid down by your architect in order to have it executed accordingly. Therefore, leave the entire task to your architect. Architects usually have contractors who are already on their panel to do different tasks on construction projects for them. Your architects and contractors may know the benefits of CHAS membership that can help them with their health and safety competence. This ensures efficient and quality work. Let the expert communicate the construction plan to other professionals since the architect has prior experience of working with the contractor and get the work done in the time that he/she has promised you for the completion of the project. If you’re in need of a reliable concrete contractors for your construction projects, you can check out this Dayton Concrete Construction company here for best help!

Architecture an art
Architecture an art

Effects on resale value.

Property value can have positive effects.

Hiring a professional architect can positively effect home’s resale value

Generally, anybody can design your house, including yourself, if you can find a contractor to build it. You can build anything on your piece of land as long as it’s legal and nobody will point a finger. However, you wouldn’t be assured of the safety, and whether a buyer will agree with your design when the need or time comes to resell it.

Think of working with a professional architect as having a personal advocate – someone who has greater insight and expertise in the field, someone who will work with both your interests and practicality in their mind.

It has been seen that houses that have been designed by architects sell not only faster but also at a more competitive price that a standard builder house. Be it Pakistan or anywhere in the world, in the ever-changing economy it is better to realize that your investment in an architect might pay you back many times in many different ways.

Therefore, with a variety of highly professional and competitive architects in Pakistan, it is advisable not to overrule their expert input in designing, constructing and decorating your house because with the slight extra cost comes an array of benefits.

A home designed by an architect will contribute to a better quality of life of its occupants and also for a better-built environment. Good design adds extra value to your building: well-designed homes have a greater resale value.

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