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4-lane flyover to be constructed on Murree Expressway N-75 in Bara Kaho

ISLAMABAD-The nightmare of traffic jams in Bara Kahu before entering Expressway Murree N-75 is about to end as the government has planned the construction of an elevated 3.5 kilometre 4-lane flyover in the area.

To improve the flow of traffic and to avoid the long-lasting traffic jams on Bara Kahu main road, the government with the help of National Highway Authority has decided a plan for the development of four projects on Murree Expressway N-75 and the Bara Kahu area apart from the 3.5km long flyover. Lately, MNA and Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Capital Development Authority (CDA) Ali Awan shared a document with this correspondent regarding the plan of renovations required in Murree Expressway N-75.

Apart from the construction of 3.5km flyover in Bara Kahu, dualization of Tarnol road and interchange at Tarnol Railway crossing, construction of U-turn at Satra Meel and pedestrian bridges adjacent to Akber Niazi Hospital on N-75 and Tarnol will also be developed as per the document available with The Nation. The renovations are likely to improve the flow of traffic and get rid of the rush owing to overly crowded area.

According to the document present with this correspondent, the completion date for the main construction of 3.5km flyover at Bara Kahu is 30th April, 2023. As per the schedule, the design of the flyover will be completed on 30th June 2020. The document also marks out the allocation of Rs500 million funds reserved in Public Sector Development Programme in the period of 2019-2020.

The construction in Tarnol is to be held in three phases according to the document. The first phase will cover the construction of Tarnol railway crossing flyover. The second and third phase will cover the dualization of Tarnol and Fateh Jang section N-80. The date of completion of the design for Tarnol’s flyover is 30th June 2020. However, the completion date for the construction of the flyover is 30th April 2023 according to the document. On Satra Meel, the construction of U-turn on N-75 is also in the making. The construction is administratively and technically approved in the year 2019. However, the completion of the construction of the U-turn is 30th June 2020 according to the schedule given in the document. People were seen crossing roads and disturbing the flow of the traffic as well as putting their lives on risk. Therefore, to solve this issue, the government has already constructed the bridges for pedestrians to cross the road. The document states that the pedestrian bridges have been already constructed.

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