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CDA working on the finalization of layout plans (LOPs) for four residential sectors.

As Published in “DAWN” 14-6-2023


ISLAMABAD: In preparation for the launch of 4 new residential schemes, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been diligently working on the finalization of layout plans (LOPs) for four residential sectors.

According to sources, these sectors include D-13, E-13, F-13, and the housing scheme in Kuri, being developed based on the results of a comprehensive topographic survey.

Member Planning of the CDA, Waseem Hayat Bajwa, confirmed the ongoing efforts, stating, that the CDA is working to finalize LOPs of these sectors.

He further explained that although the LOPs for these sectors were previously prepared, they lacked the essential topographic surveys.

Regarding the Kuri housing scheme, Bajwa revealed that the CDA would hire a consultant to facilitate the finalization of the LOP within one month.

He added that these four sectors combined encompass more than 25,000 plots.

Speaking about the Kuri housing project, Bajwa mentioned that the CDA had acquired 20,000 kanal of land in Kuri, which had remained vacant for decades.

However, there was a dispute concerning 8,000 kanal of the land between locals and the CDA.

To overcome this hurdle, the civic agency intends to prepare the LOP for the remaining 12,000 kanal initially, excluding the disputed land.

CDA officials have expressed that the construction of the four residential sectors is contingent upon resolving land issues.

The total area of the project is 3,200 acres, with each sector covering 750 acres.

While the CDA has taken partial possession of the land for the Park Enclave development, a substantial portion remains under “adverse possession.”

The 3 sectors mentioned earlier (D-13, E-13, and F-13) were acquired by the CDA in 2008, with partial allotments made in D-13 and E-13.

Besides, the current chairman of the CDA has instructed the organization to resolve the pending issues that have hindered the development of these sectors.

While past announcements have failed to materialize, officials remain optimistic that the finalization of LOPs for all four sectors will pave the way for the start of construction.


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